Farmer Andy has just bought some cows! He’s very excited to have them delivered next week, but before they arrive, he must find a place on his land to keep them. He has purchased 50m of fencing and now he needs to make an enclosed paddock to keep them in.

Farmer Andy has lots of land, so he can make the paddock any size he wants. He does want a rectangular paddock though. He is also determined to use up every metre of his fencing.

Question 1

With a perimeter of 50m, how many different rectangular shaped paddocks can you make? Make a list of all the options you can find.

Eg.       1m + 24m + 1m + 24m = 50m

**If you are doing a paper copy of this homework, draw and label your rectangles.

Question 2

What is the area of each of your paddocks?

Eg.       1m x 24m =…

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