Sustainable Tourism



Tourism is one of the world’s fastest growing industries. For example, there were around 25.3 million international tourist arrivals in 1960. By 1990, this figure had risen to 425 million, 17 times the earlier figure. By 2000, it had risen by more than half again to 682 million and in 2008 it was 982 million – the number of international tourists has more than doubled in less than 20 years. The World Tourism Organisation forecasts that this figure could rise to 1.6 billion people by 2020 (more than 370 million of these will be long-haul travellers).

The importance of this rapid growth in tourism can be seen by the fact that the worldwide contribution of tourism to GDP is estimated at some 5%; spending on international tourism reaching US$944 billion (2008). Tourism’s contribution to employment tends to be slightly higher and is estimated in the order…

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Eco-tourist destinations.


Eco Tourism
Talk about Eco tourism – 3S tourism, Adventure Tourism, Alternative Tourism


Aim: What makes an eco resort “eco”

Poster – with stickies and drawings

Provide a background description of the Treetops Lodge; its location and envons

  • Who are its clients?
  • what facilities does it offer?
  • Describe the resorts unique environmental/heritage features and how have these been recognised?
  • Are there any unique cultural features? and how have they become part of the resort experience?
  • What are the educational features included in the resort stay?

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Economic Sustainability

LI: To develop our understanding of the term economic sustainability and how it links to ecotourism.

Read the information below and watch the following YouTube clips (or cut and paste their URLs into your search engine) on economic sustainability and the benefits of ecotourism and record in your inquiry book what you think each term means then have a class discussion to create an agreed definition and understanding.


Image result for economic sustainability
The general definition of economic sustainability is the ability of an economy to support a defined level of economic production indefinitely.

Week 5 Homework

Miss Walkleys Classroom


This week you are required to reflect on what you have learnt at the Railway Reserve.

Make sure you answer these questions in full sentences.

  • What are 5 things you learnt?
  • What are 4 things you found interesting?
  • How does this relate to ecotourism?
  • What are 2 questions you still have?

If you did not attend the Railway Reserve excursion you will be required to research a swamp rat. You will need to write 3 paragraphs to describe their habitat, diet and behaviours.

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Seasons in Australia

Learning Intention: To develop our understanding of the seasons and what happens during each of them.

Watch the YouTube clip with your buddy.Video of the Seasons

After you have watched the video on seasons make a book explaining the seasons and the different things that happen during each of the seasons. Make it a What Am I? book i.e. what season am I and use the information from the video and your own schema (experiences) to write it.

Use the template given to you by Mr Price and Mrs Maguire to help you create your short picture story book explaining the seasons.

Success Criteria: A grade six buddy is able to read the information about the season to the preps and the preps will be able to tell them which season they are describing. 🙂



Homework Week 4 Term 4


We have all been looking at chance and probability in maths this term. This weeks homework is about the probability when flipping coins.

Task 1: Two fair coins(two different sides) are simultaneously tossed. 

Problem 1: Find all the possible outcomes – display your thinking below.

Problem 2: Find the probability of showing a head on the first coin. Show your working out below.

Problem 3: Find the probability of showing a tail on the second coin. Show your working out below.

Problem 4: Find the probability of showing at least one head. Show your working out below.

Problem 5: Find the probability of not showing tails at all. Show your working out below.

Task 2: Now collect your own data on flipping a single coin 50 times.(you can use any two sided coin)

  • Before you begin make a prediction on the number of times you believe it will land on…

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Homework – Term 4, Week 3


Narrative Structure

Over the year, we have explored narrative structure. A narrative consists of at least:

  • an introduction (to the characters, setting, etc)
  • a problem/complication
  • a solution/resolution

Your task this week is to think back to a book you have read from start to finish. A picture story book would be easiest, but you might prefer to do a novel. Answer the following questions about its narrative structure. Don’t forget to include the title and author of the book!

  1. INTRODUCTION. How has the author set the scene? Who are the main characters? Where is the story set? What is going on in the characters’ lives right now?
  2. PROBLEM/COMPLICATION. What problem/complication/issue do the characters need to overcome?
  3. SOLUTION/RESOLUTION. How was the problem solved, or the complication resolved? How did the characters move forward with their lives?

If you are looking at the extended narrative structure of a novel, consider what the MAIN…

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Week 1 Term 4 Homework

 Week One Homework – editing

During last term we noticed that a large number of students were leaving punctuation out of their writing and not using grammar correctly .

Below is a note that I might be putting into next week’s newsletter…I’d like you to edit my writing before I send it to the office ladies.

Dear parents, guardians and students,                                                                                                       welcome back to term for its an exciting term with lots happnign. We are of to school camp at Waratah beach Camp, we have an excursion too the traralgon railway reserve, and end of term excursion to the swimming pool, and the grade sixes would be really looking forward to the Graduation Ceremony on tuesday the 15th of december let’s make it a fantatic term as our grtade sixes last temr in primary school

Read through my writing and correct it (on the hard copy) or, if you’re posting it on the blog, cut and paste it into your blog and correct it before posting your comment.

Please take your time to find the errors.

Senior Unit Staff 🙂


Holiday Homework

Miss Walkleys Classroom

This week we are going to explore different writing prompts. Over the holidays you must place yourself in the picture and finish the story using 90- 110 words! This homework will be due on the first Friday of Term 4.  Remember to add descriptive language, do not write a story that is boring. You want the audience to want to read your work. Remember that this homework task MUST be 90- 110 words. Good luck!!!


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Homework Term 3 Week 9


We have all been studying earthquakes in science this term. This weeks homework task is to test and build on your knowledge in this area. If you are unsure of an answer you can always do some more research to help you.

Answer the following questions in as much detail as you can. Remember to showcase the knowledge you have gained.

  1. What is an earthquake?
  2. Describe what the Richter scale measures.
  3. Name and describe the 3 types of tectonic plate movement. Draw a diagram to support your answer.
  4. Name and describe the layers of the Earth.


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