Week 8 Homework – 100 word Challenge

Use the picture and the prompt below to write your 100 word challenge….remember that you are not allowed to go over 100 words.

Image result for jack and the beanstalk giant

I looked up and saw the giant’s hand reaching for me….



Senior Unit Staff




Week 4 Homework

Miss Walkleys Classroom

Week 4 Homework: Electricity

This term we are exploring electricity in science!

Think of an electrical item that you use every day. Answer the following questions:

  • What is the item?
  • What is it used for?
  • How does it use electricity? Is it battery operated or does it need to be plugged in?
  • Before electricity what would you do instead of using this item? (at least 2 sentences in your answer)

Here is an example of what you might do:

Washing Machine
This item is used to wash clothes, towels and bed linin. The washing machine is plugged into the electricity in my house. Before there was electricity people used to wash their clothes in a bucket or in a river. This would have taken a long time.

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Homework – Due Week 2, Term 2


‘I hated it!’

Have you ever read a book and not enjoyed it at all? Sometimes you get all the way to the end before you realise that it really wasn’t for you, while at other times you hate it so much you abandon it before you even finish it!

Your task for this week is to tell us about a book you read in the past that you hated. You must:

  • Give at least 5 reasons why you did not like it.
  • Suggest what the author could have done differently that might have made you enjoy the book more.
  • Tell us if you would give this author another chance. Why/why not?

Reflecting on the books we read helps us to make better book choices in the future 🙂

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Week 8 Homework Task – Addition and Rounding Off

This week we are going to use our rounding off skills (and the letter values below) to complete the following tasks.

A = 23      B = 24    C = 25   D = 26   E = 27   F = 28    G = 29   H = 30   I = 31    J = 32    K = 33

L = 34      M = 35    N = 36    O = 37    P = 38    Q = 39   R = 40    S = 41    T = 42     U = 43   V = 44

W = 45     X = 46    Y = 47     Z = 48


Add up the letters of your first name and round off your answer to the nearest ten.

For example: Sam     s = 41 + a = 23 + m = 35   total = 99  rounded off to the nearest 10  = 100


Add up the letters of your mum, dad or carers full name and round off to the nearest 100.


Add up the letter plus the number of your parent or carer’s car number plate and round to the nearest 100.

For example: TPZ 276   T = 42 + P = 38 + Z = 48 adds up to 128 + the number 276 = 404 which rounds off to 400.


Round the year you were born off to the nearest 10.

Good luck….remember this is due on Thursday the 23rd of March.



Week 4, Term 1: Homework

Miss Walkleys Classroom







This term we will be looking at different ways to present data (information) in a graph. For your homework this week we would like you to pick one graph and write down things you can notice and things that you are wondering. You must complete a minimum of 6 points in each section, but feel free to come up with lots more!

*** Here is the word document if you would like to save it!! week-4-homework-exploring-graphs

Here is an example of how you might like to set out your work:

I am noticing…. I am wondering…


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Homework – Term 4, Week 8



Farmer Andy has just bought some cows! He’s very excited to have them delivered next week, but before they arrive, he must find a place on his land to keep them. He has purchased 50m of fencing and now he needs to make an enclosed paddock to keep them in.

Farmer Andy has lots of land, so he can make the paddock any size he wants. He does want a rectangular paddock though. He is also determined to use up every metre of his fencing.

Question 1

With a perimeter of 50m, how many different rectangular shaped paddocks can you make? Make a list of all the options you can find.

Eg.       1m + 24m + 1m + 24m = 50m

**If you are doing a paper copy of this homework, draw and label your rectangles.

Question 2

What is the area of each of your paddocks?

Eg.       1m x 24m =…

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Homework – Week 6 & 7

The next two weeks homework is designed to help you with your inquiry unit on ECOTOURISM

By now all classes should have a definition of ecotourism.

Task number 1 – What’s your definition of ecotourism?

Image result for eco-resorts Image result for eco-resorts

Image result for eco-resorts

Task 2 – What are some of the benefits of ecotourism which have led to a massive increase in ecotourism over the past 20 years?

Task 3 – What are some things that we can do to look after our environment and help preserve it and its wildlife for future generations?                                                                                                             You should be able to think of some things using your brain (think of when your class talked about environmental sustainability) but you may also need to look at researching ways to look after the environment.

Remember all the information you use to answer the homework tasks could be useful for answering questions you may have for your inquiry.

Good luck.

Senior Unit Staff.